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Zestaw HigherPurity™ Stool DNA Isolation Kit

For a Reliable, Easy & Convenient High Quality DNA Isolation from Fresh or Frozen Stool Samples

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HigherPurity™ Stool DNA Isolation Kit provides a reliable, easy and convenient technique to isolate high quality DNA from fresh or frozen stool samples. The kit uses HigherPurity™ breakthrough technology based in DNA ability to bind silica in the presence of high concentrations of chaotropic salts as guanidinium thiocyanate.

Fecal samples are rapidly and efficiently lysed by bead beating. The sample DNA is then bound to the surface of a Spin Filter membrane and washed and the bound DNA is then desorbed from the surface of the Spin Filter column. The inhibitors of the downstream PCR will be removed by utilizing the DNA binding column and the buffers system included in the kit.